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Wheelchair Lifts

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Vertical Access Lift
Platform wheelchair access lift
Bespoke wheelchair access lift
Platform wheelchair on old oak staircase

About Ascot Lift Services

Ascot Lift Services offer a different service to most other lift suppliers. Our service is:


Unbiased Lift Selection


We offer a range of products from five different suppliers, who are international leaders in the field. As we are not tied to any one supplier you can be sure we'll always pick the best product for the job, without bias for a particular brand.


In Depth Experience

We have been involved with resolving lift issues for clients since 1989 and have extensive experience in all types of lifts from basic low rise lifts, multi stop applications, platform stair lifts and highly bespoke lifts where aesthetics are critical.

There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a lift. Bad advice or lack of it can lead to unforeseen expenses and headaches, as a lift that is not fit for purpose will frequently have to be replaced much earlier than anticipated. Some of the things we take into account when selecting the best lift for the job are: 


• The life costs of the car

• The user's needs

• The frequency of use and the environment.


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Comprehensive Platform Wheelchair Lift Service

We manage the project from initial survey through installation and onto final handover and demonstration to the users. We liaise directly with the suppliers and over the years have established good relationships with key people, meaning we are able to ensure everything goes smoothly. If there are any issues, our trusted position enables us to access the right people, fast, in order to sort it out.