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Wheelchair Lifts

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Bespoke Platform Lifts

We have a great deal of experience in all kinds of situations.  If you would like some professional advice and a free appraisal please get in touch. We can source wheelchair lifts for small spaces and to blend aesthetically in with the surroundings.


Bespoke Platform Wheelchair Lifts

The Sirio Wheelchair Lift


If the space that you have available is not suitable for a standard platform lift, or you need a slightly bigger platform, the Sirio Lift is the solution for you.

The Sirio can be designed and manufactured to maximise the space available.


They can often be fitted into even the tightest spaces with only minor building adjustments.

They are often used to replace obsolete short rise passenger lifts in locations where conventional passenger lifts cannot be fitted, often in care homes and nursing homes.

The Sirio comes with up to three platform walls and a roof, and so resembles a conventional passenger lift.


The entry and exit is protected by a multi-ray light beam; if this is broken accidentally the lift is stopped immediately.


Key Features of the Sirio Lift 


• Platform is enclosed up to three sides

• Shaft mounted or with its own enclosure

• Up to 7 stops and 19.5 metres of travel

• Extremely variable platform sizes, from 600mm square up to 1000mm x 2000mm

• Internal and external options

• Very shallow pit

• Very low headroom required

• 240v 13amp supply

• Variety of cabin finishes

PDF Datasheets

Please note that this is just a small selection of our data sheets. If these do not answer your questions or for more information please email or call us and we will supply one that is specific to your requirements.