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Ascot Wheelchair Lift Services

Old Oak Staircase


Ascot Lift Services were asked to install a platform wheelchair stair lift into a very old oak stairway in a private house. The house was built around 1600 and the lift had to be installed using only minimal fixings.

The brief was to install a wheelchair platform stair lift without the usual stanchions mounted on the lift stair treads. The lift had to be parked at the bottom of the stair in the corridor, turn 180 degrees to go up the stairs, then turn again 180 degrees to park on the landing at first floor. The Extrema Slim model was chosen, with the platform made shorter and narrower to achieve the turns at the top and bottom of the stairs. We made a simple template to make sure the client's wheelchair would fit on the lift. It was a tight fit, but we managed it. The support for the bespoke rail system was achieved by fixing four vertical stanchions up through the banisters of the stairs mounted at floor level and with a single fixing at first floor level. The significant advantage of this is that the lift can be removed at any time and a competent carpenter can make good the holes left by the lift.

The lift rails were mounted to the extended stanchions with purpose made brackets that project through and above the banister spindles onto the rail carriers. Even the lift controller was mounted onto the banister very simply with clamps so that no holes or fixings were used.