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Wheelchair Lifts

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Part M Building Regulations

Building Regulations Part M1/M2

While the DDA applies to existing buildings, the Part M Building Regulations was introduced in 1985 and applies only to new commercial buildings or commercial buildings having major modifications.

M1 relates to Access and Use, and M2 relates to Access to Extensions of Buildings other than dwellings.

It requires the building design to permit access to all area’s of a building. Failure to incorporate Part M in the buildings design could easily stop planning permission from being granted.

It should be noted that a vertical lift must be considered before a platform stairlift. The lift must not conflict with the movement of the able bodied in the building and in particular in the event of a fire emergency.

The Part M document looks at a variety of issues around the lift, these include maneuvering space in front of the lift, signage so the lift can be found, lighting, position and height of the operating buttons, the platform size and clear space on the lift to name but a few.