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Wheelchair Lifts

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Vertical Platform Lifts

Modern vertical platform lifts are suitable for multi storey accommodation, for wheelchair users and people with restricted mobility. These type of lifts can be aesthetically appealing and have low running and maintenance costs. 

PDF Datasheets

Please note that this is just a small selection of our data sheets. If these do not answer your questions or for more information please email or call us and we will supply one that is specific to your requirements.

Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift Options

The Vertical Rise Wheelchair Lift


The Rise platform lift is the latest generation from a product range that has been continuously developed over 15 years to exceed all current standards for platform lifts and has a very high aesthetic appeal.


The ease of installation makes it an ideal platform lift for existing and new building stock alike. It is run on a hydraulic drive with a low maintenance cost, which means that it has the lowest life cost of any current platform lifts available for this market.


Benefits of the Rise Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift


• Small footprint

• Low maintenance costs

• High aesthetic appeal
• Battery backup lowering for emergencies

   and power cuts

• Near silent operation
• Optional centre opening doors

• Only requires 240v 13amp supply


The lift shown on the right is our unique powered centre opening door option. This greatly reduces door swing issues with cross traffic in corridors, for example.

The two door vertical rise lift